lunedì 12 gennaio 2015


January 9 - 30, 2015 | Atelier Solo Show
Private View and Live Performance
 Friday, January 16| 7 - 10 pm 

ATELIER: The connection between the gestures of the creation of the sun and the deep meditative analysis of its laborious and powerful aesthetic inspires the title of this exhibition project. Catching the meaning of the gestural work that develops during the preparation of the colors and their compilation. Synthesizing the infinite emotional ocean spreading in the reflections, which are the generatrices of the act of painting. Spiritually Distilling every brushstroke in a symbol and in return for continual motion, each symbol in a new spiritual and alive gesture. Searching for the verbal and symbolic synthesis through the dialogue with the architect Nico Sandri.

SOLE is my archetype and the work that best represents my creative process and intellectual message intrinsic within it. SOLE stems from my spiritual quest and it is in continuous and natural evolution. A profound creative meditation performed through the vibration of the color and the gesture of each sign. The union of the color and the sign in their perfect molecular form. The energy center, the hinge, the most important part of SOLE is the void that remains at the core. The meditative space. There lives the respect and the gratitude towards life. That void symbolically represents the present in constant evolution and therefore can not be represented. The crowns that constellate that space are the symbolic subdivision of the infinite elements that compose the cosmos. In each sign is represented the search for the center, the search for equilibrium. Every one of these signs is transformed into a monolith that instinctively assumes its own precise nature. Its own always different thickness relates to the unique and inimitable characteristics of all the other monoliths creating the pulsating vibration that turns on SOLE. The intention is to give birth to a Stargate that leads into the path of the knowledge of oneself.    

Arts & Entertainment District
                    1800 N. Bayshore Dr. CP1, Miami Florida 33132 
We make each event a work of art!
Nina Torres Fine Art | 1800 N Bayshore Drive, Suite CP1, Miami, FL 33132 USA 

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